José Emílio Santamaria Iglesias Official Website

The decision to create this page is for three reasons. First to correspond to all the people that when I move to different places in Spain and abroad, still recognizing me and come to greet me, whether fans of Real Madrid or even football fans from other teams.

Secondly, as we are immersed in a technological society, I am no stranger to the world of Internet and I have found that many entries created by people who altruistically have collected data about me. Indeed, performing a simple search with my name numerous entries appear. Therefore, the second objective of this page is to have a reliable source of information where you can check my biographical data and my own opinions.

Thirdly, this site symbolizes my thanks to all who helped to make my career in football, and personal in my life have been as positive as they have been.

José Emílio Santamaria