Referees Revisited

In my commentary on the world cup I devoted a comment to disciplinary facet of the game that impinged on the consequences of applying different criteria for the same type of action or worse not punish others that are typified in the regulations as punishable:

– The grabs within the area should be punished as foul or penalty.

– Surrounding the referee is not allowed, only the captain can talk, usually yellow card for all who surround the referee.

– For those who feign injury rolling on the field to insert a new type of fault, temporary suspension for 5 minutes.

– In the event of serious injury by violent tackle, immediate suspension until the injured recover.

– The intentional elbow hit that occur frequently in disputes over the ball, which often go unpunished, should always be punished with a yellow or red card if aggression is manifested.

– The action set pieces (9, 15), especially now that the line with paint traces, which is ahead and step stripe, yellow card.

– The tackles or tripping from the back after being clearly overwhelmed after a “pipe” or dodge, straight red card.


To this I would add another fact that often occurs today.

– For some time the linemen are allowing corners will run from off the mark. There is no doubt that the performer has a better chance of hitting the ball and become a possible chance of scoring the second tap.

My purposewiththese proposals isprimarilyto helpstrengthen authorityof refereeswhich will result inimprovedperformanceand henceour sport.


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Referees Revisited

In my commentary on the world cup I devoted a comment to disciplinary facet of the game that impinged on…


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