Once the decision to create this page I consider essential commenting the satisfaction I had, when after many years in Spain, a joint initiative of the Foundation Real Madrid, the Cervantes College of Montevideo and support of the “Knock out drugs” program of the government of Uruguay, the School of Social Integration that benefits 120 children from the school “Hector Fígoli” and Cervantes College, was founded.


Under the direction of Mr. Carlos Cambon, this school does a wonderful job with kids 12-18 years trying to cultivate the study and sport while taking the kids out of the possible negative influences of their environment.
At the time of its foundation they decided that the school would carry my name, what I consider a great honor. Besides satisfaction with this decision this has allowed me to keep in touch with the social reality of my native country. Therefore I follow promptly school activity and I plan to visit them often.

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