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I’ll try to summarize my impressions of the World Cup championship by stages.


During the group stage and especially in the first game all participating teams play with enthusiasm and desire to be champions. Although in some cases, the same game when the outcome is adverse, acts like a stone to future aspirations. If we stop to think of the obvious that in the end only one team is champion, remember that to achieve it, they must be very well prepared physically, technically and totally psyched for a competition at that level. After the first two games we can envision the feelings that convey different selections, positive some as the case of the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Germany and France, with promising players aspiring to be known as potential signings in large teams. Also some negative details with players who do not give as much, some of them emerging from recent injuries which naturally affects their performance.

In general I found that several teams were unprepared for the level of competition that represents a World Cup. We can add to this that the European teams, whose players are involved not only in local competitions but in different international competitions fight against players vying far fewer parties and thus arriving fresher for. In short, teams arrived very tired, others accused temperatures and others did not transmit the feeling of total delivery or of overcoming adversity.

Grounds I think we can call this world cup as «world cup of exhaustion». Quite a few teams with great potential to be champions lost the first game and some the second what has led to the premature return home with the consequent disappointment of his followers.

In the case of Spain I think our elimination is due to a combination of the causes listed above together with the Netherlands played the best game of his entire series in the World Cup.

I note as an idea, in the years the world cup is held, responsible are given the opportunity for organizing shorter competitions, so every team can prepare appropriately the cup. If this is the case it would be possible hat the game and ultimately the show would shine.


Despite the disappointments of the «group stage» no doubt that to the following knockout stages of the ranking, eighth and further quarterfinals and semifinals, came countries with a real chance of winning the world title but this time there was the notable exception of Brazil, exponent as hosts, from which arise frequently brilliant figures for the entire football world.

 Brazil disappointed at home for the second time in its history. Already in 1950 was a tragedy the outcome losing 1-2 against Uruguay. In 2014 it was even more terrible to be left out by a landslide against a Germany that showed at that time the best football seen in the World Cup and then losing 0-3 against Holland. About the Netherlands, this country has failed to exploit their game and translate it into their classification. As happened in 1978 in Buenos Aires, where Holland had the title in his hands. But an unfortunate ball hit the post and they had to play extra time where despite having done enough for the title during that period, the figure of Mario Kempes arose showing a good physical condition. He embittered them the outcome with his performance, making champion Argentina. We must be very well prepared because in football, until the referee blows no, there are always possibilities.


Finally at the end of 2014 cup we had two teams that  reached the turning point in his own right. Technically Argentina is a good and very warrior whole. Germany instead is a hardworking team wrestler with good gameplay and currently technically very good players. They both had chances but ultimately triumphant team hit into the net. No doubt both teams have quality players that at any time could get a goal. But the goal was not reached and they had to play the extension. It was a match physically intensive but of poor quality, in which the cracks of both teams had not his day.

In short we have a new champion to be congratulated and that has proven true to an idea and persevered in their work which led him to success.

I think it is essential to finish with a comment on the disciplinary aspect of the game, especially with the media coverage of some actions that have occurred during the championship and in some cases have led to serious injuries and another to an exemplary punishment. I firmly believe that the root cause that a professional player can behave violently with that after all is a colleague is produced by the erratic application of the rules. Indeed often, different criteria for the same actions apply and is not inflexible in applying the penalties. Without trying to interfere in the aspect of developing the regulations may I suggest some measures that I think would facilitate the task of thereferees:

[icon type=»glyphicon glyphicon-star» color=»#6b6b6b» fontsize=»12″] Grabs in the area are either missing or penalty.

[icon type=»glyphicon glyphicon-star» color=»#6b6b6b» fontsize=»12″] Surrounding the ref is not allowed, only the captain can talk, General card for all who surround the referee.

[icon type=»glyphicon glyphicon-star» color=»#6b6b6b» fontsize=»12″] Feigning injury rolling on the pitch, green card with five minutes off the field.

[icon type=»glyphicon glyphicon-star» color=»#6b6b6b» fontsize=»12″] Otherwise serious injury, immediate suspension until the injured recover.

[icon type=»glyphicon glyphicon-star» color=»#6b6b6b» fontsize=»12″] Intentional elbow yellow card.

[icon type=»glyphicon glyphicon-star» color=»#6b6b6b» fontsize=»12″] Action set pieces (9, 15), which anticipates yellow card.

[icon type=»glyphicon glyphicon-star» color=»#6b6b6b» fontsize=»12″] Input or «Lock» in the back after being clearly overwhelmed after a «pipe» or dodge, straight red card.

These are some of the measures that I believe could improve the arbitration proceedings and get fairer outcomes while rewarding quality football.

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